Israel's human rights violations

Israel's human rights violations


Aid to Israel Harms U.S. Interests

Since 1949, the U. S. has supported Israel financially and politically. (In 2011, Israel received 8.2 million dollars per day and the Palestinians received Zero dollars.)* We feel that a serious problem arises when this support for Israel goes unabated even as the atrocities against the Palestinians continue with impunity.

Israel’s human-rights violations and our extreme bias in favor of Israel do not go unobserved by Muslim countries that are marginalized and are often demonized. This results in antipathy, ill will, and even terrorist violence toward the U.S. and its interests.

This unhealthy favoritism is counterproductive and violates the principle that all men are created equal. We cannot in good conscience condone this immoral and illegal behavior. We feel that our tax money should be withdrawn from Israel until they obey International law and treat their neighbors as they want to be treated.


$1 billion$1 billion$1 billion

Each man stands by stacks of $100 bills for a total of $1 billion each. All stacks represents $3 billion dollars, the amount of U.S. aid to Israel each year.


   Aid To Israel Harms U.S. Interests

   Some Facts Concerning Israel's Human-Rights Violations


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