Israel's human rights violations

Israel's human rights violations


Some Facts Concerning Israel's Human-Rights Violations

In 1947-48 under the leadership of David Ben-Gurion, Israel meticulously planned and expelled approximately 750,000 Palestinians from their homes confiscating much of their land and water supplies.

Palestinian loss of land since 1947

A total of 24,813* Palestinians homes were demolished by Israel from 1967 to July 2010. Countless decades-old olive trees and orchards have been uprooted and destroyed to make room for Israel’s occupation and the apartheid wall/fence and illegal settlements.

Infographic: Palestinian homes demolished

Rachel Corrie

woman and bulldozer

Since 1967, Israel has transferred its own people to the illegal settlements (Jews only) in The West Bank and East Jerusalem violating article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention and United Nations Resolution 242.

In 2004, an Advisory Opinion by the International Court of Justice (the judicial arm of the United Nations) stated that the apartheid wall/fence built by Israel on Palestinian land which separates the Palestinians from their work, farm land, schools, hospitals, and from their own families must be dismantled. Israel should pay damages to the Palestinians for this abuse. Neither has been done and construction continues inside the West Bank regardless of weekly non-violent protests by international groups.

apartheid wall

Beginning December 27, 2008 and for 22 days, Israel massacred hundreds of people inside The Gaza Strip (the world’s largest outdoor prison) killing over 1400 Palestinians. The majority were civilians (13 Israelis were killed). The F-16 Jets, Apache gunship helicopters, Abrams tanks and white phosphorus munitions were used in this merciless slaughter. These sophisticated weapons of war were provided by the United States and financed primarily by our tax dollars. White phosphorus was illegally used in this very densely populated, walled-in and tiny strip of land from which there is no escape.

white phosphorus

white phosphorus on Gaza

The beleaguered Palestinians suffer on a daily basis from lack of adequate food, water, medicine and hospital care as they endure curfews, and hundreds of checkpoints to harass, impede or stop their daily movement. The nice new highways in the occupied West Bank are for Jews only. The Palestinians cannot travel on them without an almost impossible-to-obtain permit.

Our coalition, Stop Billions to Israel, condemns all violence including the rockets fired by Hamas and Hezbollah into civilian Israeli territory. Even though we deplore Israel's human-rights violations against the Palestinians since 1947, we are not opposed to a secure, democratic and non-racist State for Israel if it would comply with International Law and obey the numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions that target Israel's human-rights violations.


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   Some Facts Concerning Israel's Human-Rights Violations


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